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Fate of the Night (2022)

Director Thibul Nettle |  Producers Nick Buckland, Thibul Nettle, | Starring Marlee Wilson, Mark Healy, Liam Clarke.

The Harris family witnesses the death of a young woman at the hands of a supernatural creature. Stricken with shock, the family must come to terms with leaving her to die out on the country road. The psychological struggle becomes overbearing on Mrs. Harris as she suffers from post-traumatic stress, which impacts her job and well-being. Over time, her body begins to shut down with the guilt for the attack. Her young son is falling behind in school, trying to cope with the existence of a supernatural creature. Meanwhile, Mr. Harris watches his family fall apart, unable to gain control, ultimately resulting in his wife’s suicide. Now alone, he reconnects with his son by bonding over the possibility of a creature’s existence. Playing detective, Mr. Harris soon discovers a gap between his sanity and reality as he questions what he saw that night. Together, the father and son begin an assault to kill the beast that destroyed their family.

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