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Firestick Films

About Us

Established in 2012 and situated in the picturesque region of South Australia, we are an autonomous film production company specializing in creating, developing, and producing feature films primarily in the genres of drama, thriller, suspense, and horror. Our emphasis lies on in-house projects to ensure a high standard of quality and storytelling. We believe in the power of connecting with our audience through compelling narratives and strive to leave a lasting impact through our work.


           Thibul Nettle

Thibul Nettle, a Nyoongar man from the Bibbulam and Whadjuk people of Perth Western Australia, has a diverse background in the film industry. In 2014, he founded Firestick Films, a production company. Thibul's debut feature film, "Friendship, Love and Loyalty," which he wrote, co-produced, and starred in, received recognition at the Australian Screen Industry Network (ASIN) Awards Brisbane 2014, winning Best Screenplay, Best Feature Film, and Runner up Best Actor. He was also selected for the Aboriginal Short Film Initiative by the South Australian Film Corporation in 2016, resulting in the creation of "The Protectors" in collaboration with producer Tess O'Flaherty from Happy Heart Productions. This film was later chosen as an Official Selection for the 2018 Revolution Perth International Film Festival. Thibul received support from SAFC for another short film called "Freedom," which was screened at the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival. In 2019, he made his directorial feature film debut with "Fate of the Night," which is available for viewing on Tubi TV and other online distribution platforms. Thibul's passion for storytelling extends beyond his own projects, as he completed a Director's Attachment on 'Firebite' and aims to bring First Nations stories to a global audience. Recently, Thibul acted in and produced the micro-budget horror film "Spithood," scheduled for release in 2024.

Firestick Films Production Partners

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Bayview Entertainment  USA

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