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Friendship Love & Loyalty (2016)

Two best friends Nate and Nathan make a pact in high school never to allow anything or anyone to come between them, especially not a girl. Loyalty over love no matter what. After an amicable break up with his long-term girlfriend Denise, Nate leaves the sleepy town to find himself, his dreams and decide on his future only to return a year later with one task in his sight, to marry Denise, the love of his life. Nate quickly realizes that his dreams of spending the rest of his life with her are lost as all is not as it was. His hometown now has a secret, one that changes everything. Friendship first and love after loyalty, that was the pact. Nate must now stay true to his promise, even if it means losing her forever.

Friendship Love and Loyalty Official Trailer (2015) - Australian Drama Movie HD
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Director Maryanne Paterson |  Producer Thibul Nettle, Marie Press, | Starring Thibul Nettle, Kylie Farmer, Maha Wilson
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